Why Become a Contrarian?

You’ve officially crossed over into the less crowded world of critical thinkers.

What if I was to tell you the single biggest determinant of your success, is your skill at questioning?

It's not IQ, not education, not wealth, it's as Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am."

If I have learned one thing as a former journalist, turned pundit, turned public markets investor, turned "Gasp" cannabis private equity investor, it is that your life and your bank account are largely tied to your questions. 

So I decided to start my newsletter to help you "Think Like A Contrarian." Now there are thousands of you Contrarians on here.

We challenge the status quo to achieve what most believe is impossible, each week breaking down tactical ways to earn.

Some of my favorite former articles below:

ALL the best opportunity is found in the disconnect between our common narrative and the truth. That's how I found PE, built a successful firm in LatAm, made my wealth, became a pundit on TV and media (for whatever that is worth) and discovered even a public school kid like me could do it. All of that is what we will discuss, a weekly breakout of 3-5 items to give you tools to break yourself out of normal.

Our topics span: passive income, marketing and fundraising, generational wealth, contrarian investing, alternative asset classes, capitalism, macro-economics, dislocated markets, startups, and learning from strivers who think BIG.

If you are tired of the news and educational systems setting your thinking then, follow along.

Who Belongs Here:

I jokingly say malcontents, contrarians, and generally cantankerous hominoids. But actually I’m serious. We’re here to serve the side hustlers, the execs, the “questioners”and the philosophers.

So follow along - let’s start disagreeing already eh?

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