Cashflow Simplified: 10x Your Streams?

I'd rather cash flow passively & smartly in our sh*tshow of a world. My plan for us...

Welcome to the 915 new Contrarians who joined last week. You are good looking and wildly intelligent humans… if you aren’t subscribed here, do it already.

A secret…

Interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to say…

We are building out a media biz-nass here at Contrarian Thinking.

Here’s the impetus - I had a call with one of my friends, Noah Kagan, he’s a stud who runs a couple 8 figure businesses, and the smartass human that he is, said:

Stop playing it (insert rather rude expletive) small Codie. Stop calling it a little newsletter. . I’ve never known you to play in the shallow end. Your thing is a business, and it benefits everythin’ else you do.”

Ah, he’s right. I keep calling it my little blog/newsletter. Why? Because then if it dies in a fiery crash, NBD. But since you’re just as likely to fail at something you hate as something you love, I figured let’s dive in and burn the bridges behind us.

Does that resonate anywhere in your life? Anywhere you are playing it small?

Contrarian Cashflow: Cashflowing Simplified.

If you want diversified revenue streams.

Passive income that’s actually passive.

Creative ways to increase your net worth.

An exact playbook on some of the funniest funkiest ways to create wealth.

Ridiculously unfair insider views and access.

And the process I use every single month to make a portfolio of small cash flowing bets….

Well - You’re going to want into this…

Building In Public:

I was a bit embarrassed by this whole writing a diary of my ideas for the public thing. We in Private Equity, Wall Street, capital I “Investing” don’t do that. We typically Get Rich Quietly and try to hide from the masses when they see our short trades and come alight with pitchforks. Too soon? But I don’t think that’s as fun as, Getting Rich and Making A Bunch of Others Rich. Better tombstone than just a bunch of zero’s I can’t spend in hell, right? 

What finally convinced me to turn this into a business was Y-O-U.

You’ve told me because of Contrarian Thinking you’ve:

  • Started 29 newsletters

  • Started 16 new businesses

  • Bought 8 companies 

  • Acquired 52 plots of land

  • Asked for 11 salary increases (you don’t get what you don’t ask for!)

  • Started 84 side hustles (oof! That is A LOT)

  • Grown your followers and subs by 100,000+ (more than even this newsletter has!)

OH, stop it, Julie ;)

WTF, you overachievers. It’s only been a year since I started this, during a pandemic no less, and you’re executing. I love you. 

So while the idea of “selling” my ideas makes me want to go dry heave quietly in the corner (but what if no one shows up). You are why I created this!

2021 is going to see Contrarian Thinking put on her big girl pants…

Want to Come Along?


NOT marketed outside our current Contrarians and only for founding members. Wanna hear more?

Announcing: Contrarian Cashflow.

Cashflowing Simplified.

It’ll focus exclusively on one thing → Making your paper in unconventional ways.

My goal is you have an ROI that is 10-100x what you pay for CC. Everyone will still get the weekly newsletter, but for those of you who leap with me, you’ll get more.

Unlike others, we do a couple of things differently here at Contrarian Thinking.

1)We have no sacred cows.

We question everything. We push all limits. We do not ask easy questions, and we assume (as former investigative journalists) that everyone is telling a shade of the truth. In that way, our downside is mitigated.

2) We execute on the cash flowing ideas we discuss.

Unlike others who talk on high and then continue to only profit off of selling ideas, we believe in a portfolio of small bets. So the ideas you execute on, we do too. You being a listener here is a bonus, but honestly - we don’t need you to buy for us to win. Our model is profitable on our investments without our readership. Walk the talk.

3) Nothing’s hidden or off-limits.

We share our templates, resources, secret sauce with all of you. Ever watched one of those webinars for 60 minutes where you’ve been promised to learn a skill or a hack, and by the end, you realize it’s all just a giant sales pitch. Yuck. Expect the opposite.

Contrarian Crew: Here’s the deal:

  • Contrarian Chat - 1x a month, I am going to take a VERY DEEP STEP BY STEP dive via live video into one of the cash flowing ideas. Paid members will get to come on and ask the experts who help me break down the strategies. Then we’ll turn that into an even longer form written piece. I’ll ask the tough q’s, and you can too.

The FIRST EPISODE IS HOW TO LAUNCH A FUND: W/ Shaan Puri ($3.5M raised on Twitter), Nathan Lustig ($50M raised) & myself ($200M raised & $1B prior).  

  • We’ll harass experts who have already done what we want to accomplish in: 

    • How to Buy Land By National Parks for $10k & Profit $2k Monthly

    • How to Launch a Mastermind and Do $10-$100k a Month

    • How to Buy Things at Bankruptcy Auctions and Make $$

    • How to do Foreclosure Home Buying w/ Lists

    • How to Buy Closed Businesses for $0

    • How to Launch an E-Product Business to do $3-30k a Month

    • How to Invest in Pawn Shops & Profit

    • How to Launch a Newsletter & Make it Profit $100k’s+

    • And all the other crazy things I try in my portfolio of small bets…

  • Cashflow Vault - You get access to a private folder with models on how to value deals, past webinars with experts, etc. I’ll give you the tools you need that no one shares to execute on creating financial freedom. No budget spreadsheets showing what happens when you cut out a latte; we’re thinking bigger. 

    • Things like DDQ’s, term sheets, SOPs, models, forecasts, etc

  • Monthly AMA on a community thread - I will respond to ALL questions you have in one post. Unless you get weird, and then I’ll use my favorite four-letter words and shame you publicly. Ain’t that fun?

Here’s the 2021 Lineup to Date:


THE COOLEST PART - If you are one of my real Contrarians, I figure you should get something extra special.

SO I’m doing a founding membership only right now pre-launch. I’m shutting it off in 19 days because you should be rewarded for the early trust. Here’s the word, you get all the above PLUS:

  • Lifetime access to Contrarian Cashflow

  • Some contrarian swag…. I haven’t’ decided what yet, but it’ll be cool.

So for founding members at $500, you get:

  • Lifetime access, early access

  • Contrarian swag

  • Be a part of a limited crew of cantankerous hominoids

  • First call w/ Shaan Puri on launching your own fund is LIVE, Friday, February 26th only for founding members, so give him all hard questions

  • You’ll get special founding members only segment with Nathan Lustig ($50M fund) and me.

After this founding membership, it’ll be $29-49 a month (maybe higher - I want people to be serious) or $299-479 for the year.

HMU in comments tell me what you’d pay and why or why not?

Join The Contrarian Crew

Who Is This NOT For?

Those who always have an excuse why something won’t work, instead of how it could.

Those who aren’t prepared to learn and be pushed.

Those who think a salary is all you need.

Those who think passive income and cashflow sucks… I mean honestly who are you?

Who will love Contrarian Cashflow?

  • IF you love Contrarian Thinking, this is going to be your jam. We’re bringing in the experts I usually only talk to... direct to you. These aren’t just theories; we bring on real humans profiting from these ideas to answer your questions live. Then we ask them to give you the tools that led them to become millionaires and multi-millionaires doing cool AF things with their lives so you can utilize the same strategies. 

  • If you like reading instead, no stress - you’ll get a monthly breakdown of that call.

The moral of the story, I’ve never been so nervous about offering something. I’ve never been so excited. I’ve gotten yelled at by all my buds and biz partners as I am 100000000% positive it’s worth way more than I’m offering it for, but remember the goal is we all gain zeros. Life’s more fun with buds. Also, a 5993-page doc that only gives Americans $2k, pleaseeee… we’re going to do way better than that.

If you want to 10x your wealth, take action, and have a blast making money and making an impact, come along. 

Become A Founder's Club Member

2021 is going to be our b*tch.


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