How to take a BIG CREATIVE RISK to get what you want.

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The Opposite of Thankfulness.

Contrarians—to kick this off let’s share some realness, I was having a DAY yesterday.

You know what I mean. Sitting, feeling sorry for myself in a self imposed funk. I’m embarrassed to tell you why. Ok whatever, I’m shallow. I don’t love the house we live in right now. Legitimately, I was upset because my household decorations are not up to snuff. My dude are living in a house that we usually rent out and it doesn’t feel like me. I want clean lines, intricate details, immaculate, minimalist, with enough space to sit, think and write in utter solitude. I’m kinda particular… HAVE YOU NOTICED??

I was doing what we all do more often than we’d admit. Allow minutia to control our attitudes. While millions of people can’t make rent or people in the world starve, I was upset about house accoutrements. Dumb.


I realized what I am so thankful for this year; CREATORS.

Each of you. I wish I could give you a big hug. Like those crushing, over the top, hold on for just a second too long to be comfortable, kinda bear hugs. Because I sent out an email about looking for a growth hacker and you all came in like a hurricane. If no one has ever told you that before let me say it loud for the kids in the back... Contrarian Thinking readers are not only categorically good looking, witty, well dressed, but in all seriousness, dang are you impressive creators.

Second confession of the day - dear God is this becoming a diary? I’ve been super overwhelmed of late (aka why I’m hiring a few peeps a la my post last week). A bunch of my businesses are starting to hit velocity. Problem with growth, it means you need processes, people, parameters under which to grow. Otherwise growth will drown you. Codie = gurgle gurgle.

So to not only get a slew of ridiculously amazing responses with humans I’m wildly impressed by, but to also see your creativity just washed happiness over me. Decorations be damned!

The goal here is to not always make you think how smart I am, but show you we are all really just figuring it the F out.


We so very seldom go after what we want with voracious aggression.

We “try” to get the job or grow our business. But can you really look yourself in the mirror and say you go after what you want with a vengeance powered by creativity, give no f*ckery and persistence. Man, I’m pretty aggressive, and I still don’t 99.9% of the time. It’s embarrassing to go all in and not achieve. So we hold back. We protect ourselves.


I bet each of you have something you want.

Something you want bad.

A big huge hairy client to close.

A business you’re dying to start.

A JOB you desperately want.

A sponsor or advertiser you want to on board.

Whatever it is, that THING you want so desperately, can you do something over the top to get it? Can you take one action that is as amazingly creative and as FULL SEND as these responses to my job posting were? Magic happens when you put yourself out there and share your desires with the world.

In fact, I can give you one million business and investing ideas but nothing, not one single thing I am sharing with you, will have the ROI of you stepping out of your box. Not a single one of my ideas will fill your pockets and your life like doing what these humans did more often.

Step #1: Don’t tell people who you are, show them.

Actions vibrate.

When was the last time you took a big risk for what you want?

  • When did you overdeliver SO BIG someone was baffled by it?

  • When did you bring not just flowers for your lady but 27 bouquets all over the house? (Can you imagine what she’d do in return wink wink).

  • When did you last deliver a presentation not just with a PPT but with intro music, a video, a ridiculous hand out?

  • When did you start an internal Zoom call in costume, with delivered coffees to your boss and team showing up coordinated from uber eats?

  • When did you last step the F out of that comfort zone?

Are you actually taking the risks that lead to the type of return you want in your life?

Or are you playing it safe.

I got 52 responses to my email looking for a growth hacker, 5 of them were AMAZING, 2 of them were OVER THE TOP, and the rest were awesome, but safe. I’m reaching out to all those who really took the time and put themselves out there. We’re gonna have a chat, we’re gonna be buds. Because not to get too woo woo on you, but the universe meets your energy with its own.

So few do and so many talk. Will you be a doer with me?

Comment below what OVER THE TOP action you take, show us your creative send.

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Response #1: Take A Risk, Create for the Joy of It

This young lady flipped my newsletter and turned it into a resume and job offer response. It’s pithy, it’s witty, it’s beautifully designed.

Think about this vs a resume, or this vs an RFP for a gig. Blows it out of ze water.

I had a savings account opened up, a retirement fund, as well as a trading account to start learning the ropes of investing.

But really I had no clue what to do with money or how to manage it. Truth be told, after 3 years of surrounding myself with anti-capitalist West-coast hippies, I didn't really value money either ….

Coming across Contrarian Thinking was a breath of fresh air.

You helped me rewire my attitude towards money, power and financial freedom, things that I was in a way ashamed of striving for just a year back. ****Codie insert: Stop it, I’m not crying, you’re crying.****


So, dark alleys don't scare me, in fact I actually get quite excited thinking about them. If any of this vibes with you and if you value potential over credentials, then I'm your woman.

Response #2: Give Away Ideas For Free

You see us humans we are always, “Whatcha done for me lately.” That’s just how we are wired. So I loved how about 50% of the responses gave me unsolicited ideas about what to do to growth hack this newsletter. I thought I’d share them with you.

Growth Hacker #2: Sharing is Caring

  • This gent created a one pager designed especially to highlight all the reasons he’s a killer growth hacker. Including the fact that he’s 6’5. Get it, he’s been growing all his life. Loved this: He then shared my newsletter broadly, tagging me in everything, commenting and spreading the word. (Walking the talk).

Growth Hacker #3: Flatter Away

  • Anyone who has their own face on their newsletter (Cough cough) is probably susceptible to the flattery. This one shared all their favorite articles of mine, and turned some of them into tweet threads I could use. Brilliant.

My favorite ideas:

Response #3: Drink Your Own Koolaid Codie

So given you all are braver than I am. I thought, what could I do that would be OVER THE TOP for those I am looking to make some magic with.

Here it goes. I made a gif, it’s ridiculous… and I sent it to some of the investors I’ve been trying to close showing how excited I was that they’re investing with us.

Codie looking like a moron:

So let’s start by saying I was judicious with this prancing nancy below. I sent it to a few investors who hadn’t sent me their checks yet but said they were in and who are younger and or super cool. My favorite response, “I’ve never been so excited to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Harrumph… turns out even us finance nerds like to be appreciated. TAKE THAT RISK!

New Year New Tube:

Momentum is hard to start but easy to continue.

After my gif success I was feeling good. I hired a video editor on Fiverr to help me relaunch my YouTube channel. It cost me $19 a video, and $20 for a new YouTube cover graphic. Haven’t been on the big bad YT in 3 years but data shows that YouTube may be one of the best spots for creators. TLDR - I want to bring on someone to really nail video any of you have YouTube experience. A Contrarian pinged me on it, then I lost your email! Help!

Here’s my status: right now I make videos like this below mostly for LinkedIn.

The problem is, they’re so damn safe. No graphics, no me really putting on a show. No digging deep. Boring. So I’m going to go full send on video content. If I’m going to film it, why not do it BIG. Stay tuned.

In the Spirit of Going All In:

I hate growing new channels. It’s embarrassing having to tell my mom to send all my stuff to her book club in the search for new subs… again. Mom if you’re reading this send it out to the neighborhood chat while you’re at it, eh?

Feel free to help her out & SUBSCRIBE, new videos weekly. Also you can see my 1st speaking video from 3 years ago…eek.

In that vein, which banner do you like best? Choose a favorite and then tell me what you’d also change out with it.

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All of YOU inspired me to do something I’d never usually do.

Let me finish with this, share the things you want into the universe.

(Hint hint: new house. 1 Million New YouTube buds.)

You just might get it.

Questions everything and stack revenue streams,


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