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The 5 Steps to Use Your Email List To Monetize Through Courses

Here’s the first 5 steps I took to create a course that launched w/ $50k in sales:

Welcome to the 189 new Contrarians who joined the crew last week. Here we challenge the status quo to achieve what most won’t in business—startup investing, wealth building and doing things the contrarian way.  If you haven’t … might I suggest a little click.

This week we are doing a quick break down of how to take a course, launch it, and profit from it.

Believe me if this inept w/ tech Latina can do it on the side while working 60 hour weeks… so too can you!

When I saw the world closing down due to Covid-19 I knew there would be small business implications rippling. I started buying up small businesses or investing in them to cash flow. I moved out of real estate and into small businesses. But I knew not everyone had the money or the know how to execute on this model.

So we created Unconventional Acquisitions, an online course about how to buy small businesses. While I think it’s brilliant (no bias here ahem) I’m not here today to talk about that.

I’m here to talk about how we created a course and generated $50k in revenue PRELAUNCH, with no employees, no money, no investors, and really no fing idea what we were doing.


Because it’s a repeatable model. And I think courses are like books, everyone has one inside of them. Everyone has something to share.

In a world where we can’t count on any normalcy at least we can become the masters of our own fate. So here’s how to create a business around YOU and become the master of your own fate.

If we stay on it, we are on path to do $500k this year w/ the course just finalizing this week.

Why can’t you do the same?

$50k Launch ($20k Monthly Revenue)

Step 1: Choose A Topic

  • Ask yourself what questions do I continuously get asked for advice on?

  • What do I love talking about?

  • What do I do in my spare time that I think I’m really good at?

  • What do I want to learn to do anyway (and I can start and share the journey)?

I have a friend making a course on tantric intimacy… yup. Another on growing newsletters, another on Jiu Jitsu, another on buying websites and flipping them, and I saw another on flea market flipping that does $1M+ a year.

Step 2: Pre-Sell It

Before you do ANYTHING. Write up what it is, why you are doing it, what explicit problem it solves. Then post it on social media, email it to all you think interested, then go wider (aka everyone you know), then ask others to send, the finally WITH A LINK TO BUY IT to all the above.

  • I’d probably use Podia if I did it again and just do a pre-sell page and give myself 1 hour only to create it

  • Aggressive example of a hard core presell campaign for you serious types—Get a stripe account

See if anyone bites. If no one does, ask for feedback on why not? Iterate and repeat the process until you’ve sold at least 3 products.

3’s the magic number. Once 3 people buy it, you know at least a few people are picking up what you’re putting down.

Step 3: Pick A Platform

I have products on multiple platforms.



  • For our course, we used Thinkific. It’s super easy (not the prettiest UI) but has everything all in one spot so it’s Codie-proof. I think it’s the best out of the box solution. We’re getting a new fancy website but will still use this for the backend.

Step 4: Create the Course

Make it easy on yourself. Don’t do an elaborate course. We created ours for free with our computer cameras, some PowerPoints and standard editing software. Nothing fancy. Then once we had $25k in sales we started outsourcing. Go cheap or go broke.

It ain’t rocket science, you’re not curing cancer, don’t let it intimidate you. Also if you are filthy rich and money doesn’t incentivize you. Use it to donate to charity, teach your kids. My good friend who is in finance printing money basically has a course with his son who puts that money into an investment account. Oh, the rich, they get richer.

Step 5: Stop Being A Wuss, Spread the Word

This is where people fail.

They’re like a little mouse kinda squeaking about what they do quietly. Get out the foghorn. In the world of masters, you have to get out there and be loud, be proud.I used a lot of quora, facebook groups, personalized emails and LinkedIn to grow. LinkedIn is so underutilized.

No right way to spread the word except realizing you can’t be quiet.

Here’s an exact play by play of each day, what I did for how I got my first 10k subscribers.


I post 3x daily on twitter (through Buffer so all automated)

I post 1x on IG (and every other post I try to reference the newsletter/course).

I post 3x on LinkedIn (where I do videos as well).

I send a weekly newsletter (duh, you’re on it).

Your bank account will be your daily actions to promote amplified.


Last comment, our mastermind is closing to new students at the end of this week. Join in… See above comment about foghorn. Gotta drink my Kool-Aid. See how easy shameless self promotion is? If you have any questions let me know, here to help and I read all the comments.

Questions everything (and stack revenue streams),


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